Cole Broderick Original Songs

Make your event even more memorable with a song written and performed by Cole Broderick especially for the occasion!

As a musician, my most treasured fulfillment -- whether playing solo piano or in a combo with the finest jazz musicians in the region -- is to make each performance sparkle. 

Although my music is aired nationally and has been showcased on major stages, each event at which I am invited to provide musical entertainment is hugely important to me. 

As you may already know, my recordings consist of original compositions in a variety of jazz styles. Commercially, however, I strive to play the style of jazz which will most enhance the occasion -- be it ambiance, concert, dance or listening form.

Most calls I receive come through people who have attended live concerts or through referrals from places like The Gideon Putnam and the Saratoga County Arts Council. 

In lieu of a demo tape (which I haven’t made simply because it is not possible to encompass the broad range of music available from Cole Broderick Recordings), you may listen to audio clips (including those from the “Seasons of Saratoga collection which earned a Critic’s Choice award from Billboard) on

What you cannot hear on the web site is the original song I would love to write especially for you or your loved one’s next special occasion. Creating such songs is something I find particularly rewarding because these original compositions not only make treasured gifts, they also become cherished keepsakes

-- Cole Broderick


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